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Sleep tracking devices are becoming more common, and many are wondering whether there are any health benefits to tracking your sleep. These devices work to tell you how long you were sleeping, and they’re also supposed to give you information about how well you slept. You might think that having this information would lead to getting better rest over time. This isn’t necessarily the case, though. 

Some people are starting to suggest that using these sleep trackers will actually harm your sleep. They also might not offer you a very robust picture of what your sleep is really like. Knowing this, you’ll want to take more factors into consideration before you can see if there are any health benefits to using these trackers. 

How Sleep Trackers Work

The sleep trackers that people are using work by using motion-sensing technology. These are typically going to be wearable devices such as watches or wristbands. They use accelerometers to tell whether you’ve been moving while you were supposed to be sleeping. The idea behind this is that a lack of movement will tell you that you have been sleeping soundly. 

The problem with this is that it doesn’t give you a good indication of how you have really been sleeping. There are sleep trackers that use different methods such as heart monitoring. Some will also attempt to monitor your breathing or body temperature. Either way, the accuracy of these devices isn’t always as good as you would hope. 

Accuracy Issues

The information that sleep trackers give you might not be as accurate as you would like. You might get information that has a high margin of error. They aren’t really capable of telling whether you’re truly asleep. This can cause you to get misleading results that could overestimate how much sleep you’re getting. 

So, Are Sleep Trackers Helpful?

Most experts would say that there are not really any health benefits to enjoy when using sleep trackers. In fact, they could be somewhat detrimental to your health. You might think that things are fine due to what your sleep tracker has been telling you. Despite this, you could have a problem that is interrupting your sleep, and you won’t think to seek treatment because you received bad information. 

Many people often find that keeping records of sleep patterns causes them anxiety, too. It makes the act of sleeping stressful and prevents you from being able to simply rest. It’s common for people to go overboard with sleep trackers and to overthink things. The excessive worry that some people experience due to sleep trackers might make you want to stay away from them.